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"Sex as the last resource of self-esteem ..."
  • Connell, Robert W.: Masculinities, Berkeley 1995
    Men from all walks of life use violence as a strategically planned "conflict-solving method"; just as the "fragile ego" can be found among men of all classes – among other things this expresses itself as a tendency to feel easily attacked in their sense of honor and pride, and is used afterwards to excuse the outburst of violence.
  • Kersten, Joachim: Gut und (Ge)schlecht. Männlichkeit, Kultur und Kriminalität, Berlin, New York 1997
    Kersten describes the "status gap" in violent men as men who experience a gap between the ideal, omnipotent self and their real, modest life status – perceived very clearly by both themselves and the people around them. They tend toward a violent "pepping up" of their self-esteem. Because this gap, this feeling of inferiority, can develop independently of social class, violence against women is found among all classes.
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